Converting Cars to “Cocoons of Solitude”

This very brief post invites you to join in a week–long challenge. Convert your auto’s interior to a “Chapel on Wheels” … a space for listening to God.

For the next seven days (after you start), whenever you are driving alone in your car, truck, van or motorcycle, simply turn off the radio, CD, iPod, or phone. Instead, carry on conversations with your Heavenly Father.

You may choose to ask Him for or about things (petition) … or you may pray for other people (intercession) … or you may choose to sing “outbursts of praise & worship” to Him. Better still … simply be quiet and listen to Him.

For the benefit of the rest of us, leave a comment (or two) on this blog regarding what He said to you.

Peace & Joy!

~ tr

P.S. The image at the top of this post was my view in high school while driving my first car … a 1962 VW bug! … a classic!







One response to “Converting Cars to “Cocoons of Solitude””

  1. Larry Baskin Avatar
    Larry Baskin

    Unmistakable VW dashboard; oh, and thanks for the spiritual direction while driving! Atlanta traffic (and drivers) can really spoil spiritual progress…”

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