What happens when an Evangelical practices Lent?


Tomorrow, March 1, is “Ash Wednesday,” beginning the historically 40-day period of time called “Lent.” Since I was raised as a “Protestant – Evangelical – Fundamentalist” … all I ever heard about Lent was a little too Roman Catholic and therefore, off limits. That was unfortunate … click on this link to download a one-page handout to find out why … Lent-2017

Biola University (my alma mater) annually produces a wonderful resource to aid our practice of Lent. The Lent Project spans 56 days of discovery, integrating Scripture devotionals, artwork, music and videos to prepare our hearts and minds for this revolutionary season on the Christian calendar. Here’s an excerpt from their introduction, posted today:

  • “The sacrificial season of Lent is a time for us to purposefully go deeper with Christ through reflection, action and renewal. Its structure offers practical ways to increase our devotion and love for Christ. If the church is indeed a hospital for the sick and wounded, then it follows that Lent is its yearly physical and annual tune-up. Lent has been observed by the vast majority of Christians since the earliest days of the Church. It’s a time to cleanse our wills, realign our spirits and strengthen our dependence upon God. It’s a period of genuine repentance, of concentrated reconciliation with others, of fasting from all that distracts us, and recommitting our lives to Christ in love and service.”

I strongly recommend that you bookmark their website … The Lent Project … and visit it daily to read and ponder each new devotional. May God use these to prepare our hearts, minds and lives to fully embrace the significance of the life, death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Peace & Joy!

~ tr







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