Converting NFL Playoffs into Disciple-Building Tools


Now that the NFL’s “Wild-Card Weekend” is finished, only four more weeks of football remain until Super Bowl Sunday on February 5th in Houston, Texas. Instead of drafting a pool to predict weekly winners, I propose a spiritually productive challenge.

For every 15-min. quarter of NFL playoff football you watch on TV, computer or smartphone during this next month, read one chapter out of a book … any book! … on discipleship or “following Jesus” … including the Bible!

Most of us made a resolution or two for this New Year. In fact, you may have resolved to read a good book in 2017 … or two? … three or more? How’s that going so far?

This reading challenge may help! Simply keep track of every quarter of football that you watch on TV, computer or smartphone, then later that day or week, read one chapter for every quarter. Don’t cheat! … viewing part of a quarter counts as a quarter. This just may help us “redeem” some of that time spent in front of the digital screen.

Need book recommendations? Check out titles and links on the right side of this blog under “Worth Reading.” Remember, the Bible counts, too!

Happy watching & reading! May the best teams win … and the best books get read!

Peace & Joy!

~ tr







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